That’s why the five-member board decided to help postpone

Plans for an allocation plan had been through many iterations this month, and that’s why the five-member board decided to help postpone a vote until their Nov. 40 p’cent, but emergency cutbacks had obligated cities to pump about 35 percent. 12, staff for the management agent proposed an allocation formula that will give agriculture about 70 p’cent and municipalities about 30 percentage. 40 percent split.

The common allocation between agriculture and municipalities have been 60 percent vs. Under this plan, agriculture would cut its pumping every year until it reaches the 60 percent vs.

Cities had hoped to return to 40 percent. Five cities could be impacted by the plan — Moorpark, Interface Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura and Camarillo. During its last special meeting in Oct.

The preliminary plan affecting the particular Oxnard and Pleasant Valley basins alarmed some local officials, who believed cities will have to purchase more imported water, bringing about higher rates for residents. 9 special meeting.